Climb For Nepal

On April 25, 2015, a massive 7.8 earthquake rocked Nepal destroying nearly a million homes and more than 10,000 schools. Thousands died, and millions were left without homes or schools. Though rebuilding has been slow, Wildland Adventures partnered with 3 Summits for Nepal to help bring light and hope to four village schools that were devastated and have since been rebuilt but without power. 

The sets installed were 80 Watt systems that can provide power for 12 lights and an audio system. LED lights were installed in all schools. The money raised will also support the installation of another solar system at the Singla Primary School in 2018. Funds raised by Wildland are helping to fund the construction of an annex on the new school currently being built in Singla. Singla is near the epicenter of last year's devastating quake and this money will go directly to giving hundreds of children an education and a brighter future. 3 Summits also decided to beautify one classroom each at the schools in Margem and Yasang. This meant plastering the walls with cement, lightly painting the walls, using wood-panels to make the classrooms warmer and setting linoleum flooring. They also rebuilt the school's toilet in Yasang that was damaged by the earthquake and new construction will allow the structure to be much safer for any future quakes.

Our fundraising efforts were done through a charity climb with a team of climbers from Wildland Adventures who successfully summited Mt. Rainier. In addition, Wildland Adventure held a fundraising gala at a local Nepalese restaurant where with support from the local community were able to raise over $5,000.

This was how Wildland Adventures celebrated its 30th anniversary and giving back to the communities they visit has always been an integral part of the company: "I'm proud of our ambitious climbing team for embarking on this adventure to raise desperately needed money for our brothers and sisters struggling to recover from the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. It's that spirit and commitment to making the world a better place that fuels all of our adventures," - Kurt Kutay, president of Wildland Adventures.

The schools TCT support: 1) Margem Primary School, Margem village, Lelep 2) Hellok Child Care Center, Hellok village, Lelep 3) Yasang Primary School, Yasang village, Lelep 4) Nepu Primary School, Nepu village, Yamphudin!

We're so proud of our community who supported us in this effort, our partners in Nepal who put in the legwork on the ground, and our team at Wildland who are passionate about supporting the people and places that they travel to. Thank you!

Bringing Solar to Hwange

We plan to provide Hwange National Park with 4 solar-hybrid pumps.
Two for the wildlife and two for the surrounding communities.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Wildland Adventures & their travelers, 3 Summits Nepal the Himalayan Sherpa House in Seattle, and everyone who contributed to this amazing project.


How our team climbed their way to making a difference in Nepal.

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